Get trained in European programmes.

We openly share the same processes we use in our day-to-day work to manage successful projects.

Our methodology

Learn about European project management and discover EU funding opportunities from experienced Project Managers who apply what they teach on a daily basis.

Since we started working in the world of EU funding programmes, we have been involved in numerous projects and we have passed on our knowledge to other professionals through online and face-to-face courses on EU funding and project management.

This is the 21st century methodology we believe in:

Permanent enrolment

Start and complete the course at your own pace, without pressure or deadlines.

Video and 100% online classes

The video format takes advantage of the versatility of a virtual campus without losing the close contact with the teacher.

Study wherever and whenever you want:

Access your classes at any time and from any device.


Consult your doubts and consolidate the knowledge acquired by contacting the tutor team through the campus or by requesting live sessions.

Certificate of Completion:

Obtain a certificate accrediting all the competences acquired during the training.

Actually, our online courses are in Spanish only.

If you are interested in exploring them

Face to face courses

Courses on project management and European funds

We develop both introductory and expert courses for organisations that want to apply for a grant from European funds as a consortium coordinator or as a partner.

Workshop courses on a specific programme

We offer workshop courses with a very practical approach whose main objective is to develop a draft project proposal so that you can submit it to a specific call of a European programme.

Tailor-made courses

We develop a training programme in European funds management designed according to your needs and objectives, choosing the main topics to be addressed, the duration and the methodology of the course, all with a practical and results-oriented approach.

We also offer tailor-made English courses

If you need more information about these courses, please contact us by filling in the form.