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Driving positive change and impact in society: the essence of European projects.

In addressing the main challenges faced by its population, the European Union defines a strategy based on priorities. This strategy is implemented through European programmes, which fund projects significantly contributing to the envisioned objectives and impacts through calls for proposals.

Therefore, a European project has the power to directly influence people’s lives, improve social conditions, foster inclusion, drive innovation and promote equitable and sustainable development.

We are

Welcome to OnProjects, the consultancy specializing in European funds management. With our dedicated expertise, we accompany you through each phase of your project, from its earliest inception to its successful completion. We assist you in securing funding, forging vital connections with partners and collaborators, and managing all facets of its smooth implementation. Let us transform your vision into impactful reality.

Our four-step approach

We are experts in the European funds management, deeply passionate about:

Culture and
cultural heritage

Agriculture and rural development


Achieving success, impact and sustainability: the essential ingredients for any European project.

Here is how we can help you get them:


We manage the entire project lifecycle, from proposal development and partner identification to securing funding and handling reporting and justification. Central to our services is a rigorous evaluation of processes and outcomes, ensuring you achieve your objectives with the highest quality.


We create a unique visual identity, develop a strategic communication plan, and design a dedicated website tailored to disseminate your project effectively.


We believe in sharing knowledge. Our training courses are designed to empower you with in-depth insights and practical experience in European project management and expand your understanding of the funding opportunities provided by the European Union.

When passion drives excellence

Explore some of our remarkable projects:

Forming robust partnerships is the backbone of European projects

Over the years, we’ve built a robust and extensive network of partnerships across all 27 EU member states and beyond, forming strong collaborations with a diverse selection of clients and partners. These are just a few of them:

We combine our expertise and knowledge to transform the management process of your project into a rewarding journey

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