OnProjects in the SPOTLIGHT

This week we celebrate our 6th anniversary, to mark the occasion OnProjects’ founder Iacopo Benedetti tells what has shaped the company’s journey so far and his vision for the future.

  1. How did you get into consultancy, was it a single moment or was it a journey?

OnProjects started by chance as a result of adverse work circumstances. It is not the result of long-term planning but of «controlled improvisation»: OnProjects is proof that a well-managed project, no matter how it starts, will eventually bear fruits.

  1. What makes OnProjects different from other consultancies working in the EU projects domain? 

At OnProjects we follow the development of an idea and its transformation into a successful project in an organic and integrated way, so that our clients feel accompanied at all times. That, and a deep knowledge of European programmes, makes us the perfect travelling companion for the development of European funded projects.

  1. What is the future for European funding and how do OnProjects’ priorities align with it?

In 2020, the European Union has been confronted with two profound challenges: Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the adverse circumstances, the EU has made an enormous effort to continue offering opportunities for recovery and development to its citizens, and this has materialised in the most funded MFF in its history. At OnProjects, our team is constantly driven by change. We keep up to date with changing trends in the EU funding space study in detail all these funding opportunities in order to continue to offer a competent dvisory service for the period 2021-2027.

  1. Your company slogan is “Turn on your funding opportunities”. If one imagined OnProjects as a kitchen and their project management as a pizza making process, what would the secret ingredients for a great pizza  be – a successful project? In other words, how do you develop an idea into an actual project?

There are many elements that could go into making the perfect pizza, but I will limit myself to mentioning the four that seem to me to be essential: commitment, hard work, hard work and hard work.

  1. You’ve recently launched a new SM campaign #ProjectManagementSeries where you humorously give advice on what to do differently from Michael Scott in order not to be a bad project manager. Can you tell us what inspired you about this campaign and what was your favourite Michael Scott or The Office moment?

At OnProjects we are big fans of the show and we wanted to do something that would link the humour of the sitcom with our own job as project managers, and what better way than to quote Michal Scott as an example of what not to do when managing a project? Regarding my favourite moment of the show, I will only say one word: Parkour!

  1. Do you have any exciting initiatives and projects that we can look out for next year?

We have many exciting new projects coming but I will try to tell you something about one in which we are working our hearts out (Spoiler alert!): we are working hard to develop a training platform where you can find answers to all your questions about EU funds and what’s new for the period 2021-2027. Stay tuned for more info!

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If one imagined OnProjects as a kitchen and their project management as a pizza making process, what would the secret ingredients for a great pizza be – a successful project? In other words, how do you develop an idea into an actual project?