Project DITMEP

Digital Tools for Manufacturing training and Education Programmes

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In the context of current COVID-19 crisis Education and training systems are facing new challenges regarding online learning, for guaranteeing quality and inclusive digital capabilities. Modernisation and digital transformation of education is a main need at European level, and in particular for vocational education and training schemes in manufacturing sectors, based on face-to-face classes and workshops linked to industry. In particular, DITMEP project will focus on risk prevention modules, within the manufacturing of composites training schemes. This sector is of high interest for different industrial sectors at EU level, thus aiming to reinforce skills training for the EU industry.

DITMEP project aims to improve manufacturing training, in particular Risk prevention courses, generating digital capabilities on the methodology (through e-learning, gamification and augmented reality experiences) for educators and trainees. This will support and help the transformation of manufacturing in this current COVID-19 situation. The project general objective is to deploy a training course in an e-learning platform with a core syllabus on Risk prevention and health, prepared for its adaptation to specific countries regulation:

  • Deployment of a common gamification methodology for Risk Prevention training modules.
  • AR mobile application development to support 2 series of learning experiences proposed as part of the core training (virtual spaces signalisation and emergency drills).
  • To reinforce learners and teachers with digital capabilities: guides on how to use the materials, how to complement in-presence teaching and to develop on-line trainings. A common structure in English will translated by the regional partners.
  • Tools and methodology evaluation through pilot training implementations (3 countries) with included tests for evaluation the procedures from the teachers/learners.

The DITMEP consortium is composed of 5 partners from 3 different EU countries:

  1. RSC (Germany), coordinator. RSC will bring its expertise in practical training with industry and a use case course during the project.
  2. SGS (Spain) will help with the project monitoring and collaboration all along the project.
  3. USC (Spain), from its previous experience in gamification applications, will develop the digital tools, an augmented reality mobile application to complement the blended-learning approach of the project.
  4. CETMAR (Spain) will participate in the development of the different methodologies for gamification of Risk prevention, and they will implement the Spanish use case in A Aixola non-formal training center.
  5. ISQ (Portugal) through the ISQ Academy will support the e-learning space to be implemented in their Moodle platform. They will also implement the Portuguese use case.

The project is divided in 4 Intellectual Outputs and 6 Work Packages:

  1. On-line e-learning space with digital blended-learning modules on risk prevention, adaptable to each country specific regulation (IO1).
  2. Digitalization tools for innovative blended learning methods in risk prevention training modules (IO2)
  3. Use cases for testing the new risk prevention digital training module (IO3)
  4. Guidelines for implementation of the blended learning in risk prevention courses (IO4)

3 WPs are transversal for Management, Quality and Evaluation, Dissemination and Exploitation. The other WPs are for development: adaptation of training contents in labour risk prevention courses to the DITMEP blended-learning approach, enhanced ICT tools for risk prevention courses, and use cases’ implementation, taking to real scenarios the products of the project, testing them and gathering evaluations and opinions, to finally generating the final guidelines and materials of the project. These will be created in English and translated to the national languages of the consortium.

At the end of the project, DITMEP will have an e-learning space, with gamification elements and augmented reality mobile application that would be used for a blended-learning approach in risk prevention modules for manufacturing training, transferable from composites manufacturing to other areas. The results of the project are of highest interest for the partnership, and also for other stakeholders at national and EU level, as VET providers, formal and non-formal training centers, composites manufacturing companies and workers, occupational safety and risk prevention professionals, industrial associations and organizations, representatives of public administration, etc.

DITMEP will reinforce digital capabilities in risk prevention and manufacturing schemes, through simulation of dangerous situations and testing different solutions during training. The use of digital resources in blended learning will support the digitalization of the taskforce, and improve their capacity to prevent risks at work, contributing to a more resilient industry and strengthening current employees’ skill sets and upskilling in EU manufacturing.

Our role in the project

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