Project EcoFilm

FILM: Ecological and Sustainable Management of the Shellfish Harvesting on Foot

What is EcoFilm _ Shellfishing?

EcoFilm is a project aimed at preparing a training course to promote the sustainable development of shellfishing on foot, focusing mainly on ecological and environmental aspects.


EcoFilm collects information from Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Italy for the elaboration and evaluation of a training course in audiovisual support.

For whom?

The entire shellfish industry, e.g. shellfish harvesters, control authorities, training companies.


  • Shellfishing has high social, cultural and economic importance, as it represents strong traditions, and is the origin of the arrival of many coastal communities in Europe.
  • Shellfishing, in general, takes place in coastal areas of great ecological importance.
  • The implementation of management measures is urgent in order to preserve habitats, the balance of the populations of species caught, and to ensure the sustainable development of this activity.