Project REVAB

REuse and Valorisation of Agricultural Buildings through training based on real experiences

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There is a huge loss of arable land to building, roads and industry. According to the Corine land report, between 2000 and 2006 the reduction of arable land, permanent crops, pastures and small plots has been more than 500,000 ha in Europe. This is leading to the loss of rural living centers because there are no ideas for the use of old agricultural buildings.

The potential for reuse of agricultural buildings is very high, but there is a lack of opportunities to get real experiences from one entrepreneur to another.

Main objectives and results

The project has among its objectives:

  • Promoting an entrepreneurial vision towards the use of existing farm buildings in different regions of Europe.
  • To stimulate agricultural entrepreneurs, landowners and young farmers to think about the possibilities of using and enhancing existing farm buildings while respecting the economic, environmental and social effects.
  • To avoid further loss of agricultural land to housing and industrial settlements.