Project REWARD

Raising Employability of Women through entrepreneurial Activities fostering Rural Development

European Good Practice Label
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REWARD is an Erasmus+ project, funded by the European Union, that will provide rural women with the tools to manage a wide range of multifunctional activities related to agriculture and rural cultural heritage.

Women play a unique and important role in the development of multifunctional agricultural activities. With the modernization of rural areas, women are, unfortunately, sometimes marginalized in farm management. This project hopes to pave the way for integrated and new business activities for women within rural areas. While highlighting the importance of agriculture and its contributions to rural areas, multifunctional agriculture is a sector that offers opportunities to integrate heritage values into strategies for economic and social sustainability of rural areas.

In summary, the project will:

  • Create an analysis of the state of the economic and social situation of rural women in Europe.
  • Collect examples showing best practices.
  • Develop training materials with introductory videos.
  • Develop an online training application.

Our role in the project

Proposal writing

PM & development

Project coordination

Quality assurance & evaluation

Administrative & financial management