Vocational education & training for transhumance practitioners

TRANSFARM intends to develop training material mainly aimed at young farmers and rural entrepreneurs who want to start or maintain transhumance activities. These materials will provide the necessary skills and knowledge to face the changing challenges of our society and the new demands of their work, training these farmers in business development and communication skills. To facilitate access to training, all materials will be available under a “creative commons” license that will allow their use and distribution free of charge.

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

Objective 1: Provide an overview of the current situation of transhumance in the consortium countries since today information on transhumance is scattered, not easily accessible and not ready for comparison.

Objective 2: Compile and study good practices cases to disseminate successful transhumance experiences.

Objective 3: Develop digital training material for people who practice transhumance. These materials consist of e-learning modules, information on the situation of transhumance in different countries and a database of good practice case studies assembled in an easily accessible way for self-study.

The first main output of the project is an overview of the current situation of transhumance in the participating European countries, including information on the types and extent of practices as well as resulting landscapes, transhumance support plans and specific knowledge needed to transhumance professionals.