Project VR-ME

Virtual reality for maritime emergencies

Web page: “Virtual Reality for Maritime Emergencies”

Emergencies in ships are stressful situations where crews must follow specific guidelines and procedures to assure their safety. According several studies, most of fatal accidents in fishing sector were due to lack of knowledge on devices and / or emergency procedures, or non-completion of periodic training exercises and simulations.

To assure a correct reaction by the crew in emergency situations, trainings and simulations are needed, where crewmen are exposed to a series of scenarios to demonstrate they know the procedures, and how to execute them.

VET entities in the marine sector don’t have nowadays any kind of tool that can help crewmen to learn the procedures of how to react in these situations, apart from guidelines and handbooks, and trainings onboard are difficult to plan since vessels are operating most of their time, either at sea or charging procedures.

Virtual Reality (VR) environments are becoming a more effective learning tool, where pupils can experience these emergency situations in immersive environments, moving around a 3D universe and interacting with people and objects.

A consortium of partners proposes to develop the project Virtual Reality for Maritime Emergencies, whose objectives are:

  • To develop an 3D immersive environment based on a trawler fishing boat, accessible through a Virtual Reality kit.
  • To develop a set of emergency situations based on the formal training requirements for crew and the most common and dangerous cases.
  • Based on these elements, a training course will be created to tackle these emergency situations, in which the pupil will be tested to complete them.

The VR-ME project is funded by the Erasmus+ program under Grant Agreement 2018-1-DE02-KA202-005077.2019-1-FR01-KA202-063055

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