Six Innovative European Projects for 2024

6 innovadores proyectos Europeos para 2024

Embarking on six new projects funded by the European Commission through Erasmus+ programme and the Interregional Innovation Investments (I3) Instrument.

Welcoming a new year at OnProjects always motivates us to explore fresh avenues filled with creativity and progress. The year 2023 marked a period of significant growth for our team, boasting noteworthy achievements: we unveiled our re-branding along with a new website, and actively participated in relevant events in the cultural and heritage sector, consolidating our collaboration network in this specialised area. Adding to these milestones is the initiation of six projects backed by European funds, where we assume key roles as experts in European project management, communication, and dissemination.

Five of these new projects have been funded within the framework of Key Action 2 (K2) – being 4 Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships and 1 Erasmus+ Innovation Partnership The European Union program aimed at supporting education, training, youth, and sports in Europe. The sixth project we are embarking on has received funding under the Interregional Innovation Investments (I3) Instrument, designed to enhance the development of European value chains by mobilising innovation ecosystems for the expansion and commercialisation of interregional innovation projects.

New projects

HIGHRES: Helping IntanGible Heritage REsilience through Storytelling

In a constantly changing world, preserving intangible cultural heritage is crucial. HIGHRES aims to provide local communities with digital tools to narrate and preserve their heritage. This Erasmus+ initiative, starting in January 2024, not only seeks to safeguard stories and traditions but also to promote sustainable development in rural areas, thus fostering equality and cultural resilience.

WESEM: Wildlife Estates Sustainable & Ethic Management

Environmental sustainability is a current priority. The Erasmus+ project WESEM, initiated in January 2024, focuses on training students and professionals in forestry and agriculture to become advisors in ethical estate management. The goal is to promote sustainable practices and help obtain the Wildlife Estate label, encouraging coexistence between agriculture and conservation.

SUFABU: Supporting Family Businesses | Adoption of Green Transition Challenges for Building a Sustainable Economic Model of SMEs in Europe

Small and medium-sized enterprises, especially family businesses, face challenges in ecological transition. SUFABU, an Erasmus+ initiative that began in December 2023, aims to strengthen the skills of family business owners to embrace sustainable practices through a comprehensive training program. This project seeks not only to transform business management but also to contribute to the sustainable economy in Europe.

Gardeniser Academy

To promote shared gardens in Europe, Gardeniser Academy, already launched in December 2023, will offer an online learning platform. This innovative Erasmus+ project is aimed at creating educational, intercultural, and community gardens, promoting social cohesion and sustainable agriculture in the heart of our cities.

INCIRCULAR: Integrating cybernated innovation to raise the scale of circular units looping allied regions

INCIRCULAR is a pioneering I3 project that seeks to revolutionize how we handle plastics. With the goal of creating raw materials from 100% recycled plastics, this collaborative project brings together regional ecosystems from Slovenia, Spain, and France to develop a unique technology. The initiative, initiated in October 2023, goes beyond national borders, facilitating interregional technology transfer, thus contributing to the creation of a circular ecosystem at both regional and European Union levels.

PERSONA: Development of a hybrid human-IT personalized learning itinerary for VET for innovation in agricultura

Innovation is key in agricultural education. The Erasmus+ project PERSONA will focus on addressing educational challenges, investing in technologies, and strengthening policies in the Agricultural Information and Knowledge System in EU Member States and regions.

Looking to the Future

With the addition of these new European projects for 2024, combined with those already underway, we reaffirm our strong commitment to the creation and development of initiatives  aimed at generating a positive impact on society.

Our team of Project Managers is already immersed in developing new proposals, which will be presented within the framework of key European programs such as Erasmus+, InterregCreative Europe  and Horizon. These proposals align specifically with our  areas of expertise, covering diverse fields such as culture and heritage, agriculture and rural development, as well as social innovation.

If any of these projects have inspired you, feel free to contact us! We are here to explore how we can help you transform your ideas into successful European projects.