OnP Communications Service Anniversary

Did you know that at OnProjects we are celebrating our first year as a communication & dissemination services provider? You are more than welcome to our birthday party. We have some exciting things in store for you!
Paper and pencil ready? Let’s get started!

A 10-communication tips, hot from oven for you to design a successful campaign for your EU-funded projects:

1. Plan strategically

A sound strategy for Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation is crucial for a successful proposal. Your strategy should be based on the analysis of needs & challenges (done at the preparation phase) and all the activities should be aimed at maximising the expected impacts.
–   Aspire to make a difference
–   Aim for effectively reaching the project’s audience
–   Achieve the max impact with tailored outreach activities

2. Project cookbook – create a recipe for smooth internal communication

Prepare a ‘how-to-guide’ for project partners with easy guidelines on all important dissemination aspects of taking part in a collaborative EU funded project. An editorial calendar will be your best partner. Include all dissemination activities, dates, and links to the published content to ensure there is a regular flow of content to fuel your dissemination strategy.

3. Target your audience like a politician

Find your right target and customise your messages to any kind of audience and cater to their interests. Successful political campaigns address the same questions you should too: “Who are the people without whom we cannot succeed?” and then “How do we reach out to them?”.

4. Encourage participation

It’s time to turn your dissemination around!
In the age of open source, don’t just broadcast, go for multi-directional dissemination. Invite and engage with other sister projects to participate and collaborate.

5. A tweet a day, keeps the doctor away

Your audience is 100% on social media! Finding the right channels combined with a positive, relevant, and on-going message, can help you communicate better with your target audience and present the project’s benefits. Find an interesting angle to present the project and drive the story!

6. Look great, look professional!

Create a striking visual identity for your project with a compelling a project branding including a logo, a color scheme as well as templates for posters, slides, reports, minutes, and other important deliverables.

7. Aim at diversity

Your project’s results should reach all that might benefit. Respect inclusion in your communication, dissemination & exploitation and make the results of your project available to all societal actors and the public that can find and re-use these for their own specific needs.

8. Seeing is believing

Visual communication is a more impactful and engaging way to explain complex content. Put an extra effort into crafting eye-catching visual content which can evoke powerful emotions about your project.

9. Remix traditional outputs

Give traditional project dissemination materials like project factsheets, blogs and newsletters an impact-boost with new visualisation tools like infographics and animated videos.

10. Be SMART!

Determine meaningful indicators to measure the achievement of your communication objectives using SMART model:
–   Specific
–   Measurable
–   Achievable
–   Relevant and
–   Time-Bound

Hold on a second! We still have one more surprise for you. Meet Oxana, our communication & dissemination manager. She is absolutely passionate about communication. We had a little chat with her and this is what she told us…

– Why communication? 

A couple of years ago I made a daunting switch from the lab bench to communication in the sciences and never regretted it. I was always inspired by the beauty of science and in communication we make science more understandable and accessible for everyone.

– What do you enjoy the most about being a communication manager? 

I have the opportunity to be the voice of my company and to inspire and influence different audiences.

– Where do you get inspiration from? 

I find inspiration for my designs and campaigns from literature, cinema, in nature and people I work with.

– Which is your favourite OnP campaign? 

Did you ever think that your favourite movie character can be a role model for project management? In our new campaign #PMcinema we are having a little fun with James Bond, the Godfather, Sherlock Holmes, Michael Scott and others sharing their insights on how to be a hero project manager☺️

– What do you consider a good campaign”

It is the one that goes to your heart and creates emotions!