Farming concepts and innovative funding/financing

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 “Farming concepts and innovative funding/financing”

Agricultural markets and the business of farming have changed considerably in recent decades. EU farmers are faced with the need to improve their economic and socio-economic situation.

From a business point of view, financing is an important task for the farmer in addition to production and marketing. Financing decisions – whether “traditional” or innovative – have a long-term influence on the farm, its liquidity and income. Especially for young farmers taking over their parents’ business or simply aiming for business development, it is very important to have a solid financial basis for their farm businesses. Financing affects the sustainability of the individual farm (along with the impact and importance for income security) as well as the sustainable development of rural areas as a whole.

Innovative financing exists at the niche level, but many possibilities are not widely known. To make good decisions in the field of innovative financing, farmers need to be equipped with more skills, knowledge and competencies, and with experience of successful practices.

It is a big challenge for farmers:

  • Keep the business running profitably and sustainably.
  • Respect society’s demands in relation to agricultural production, which are constantly increasing.
  • Obtain adequate and sufficient financing.

There are possibilities to fulfill all three aspects at the same time. With the FARMINFIN project, we intend to develop a training program that will equip farmers with the necessary skills for the implementation of innovative means of financing adapted to their own farm, their business approach and their personal circumstances.

The FARMINFIN project is funded by the Erasmus+ program under Grant Agreement 2019-1-BE01-KA202-050397.

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