Maintenance simulator: A TRAINING TOOL for the sustainability of European wind farms

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SIMULWIND is a European project for the training of wind farm operation and maintenance personnel, which aims to develop a simulator capable of showing the main failures and solutions that can be found in both wind turbines and wind farms. This tool will be open to various professionals in the sector.

About the project

Launched in December 2017, SIMULWIND is an ambitious European project for the development of an innovative online training tool for wind farm operation and maintenance professionals. SIMULWIND aims to improve the competences of wind farm professionals by offering them a seamless simulation tool developed according to the Open Educational Resources (OER) approach. The tool will take into account the guidelines of the EQF and EQAVET systems. The wind industry and other stakeholders will benefit from this online tool by having excellent trained personnel capable of operating to high standards. The SIMULWIND project receives funding from the European Union’s ERASMUS+ program.