Agricultural and rural excellence Incubator and Platform for the Exchange of competencies

The AgriNext project aims to create a platform for transnational cooperation connecting regional, national and international actors in the field of multifunctional agriculture. The project brings together organizations in the field of multifunctional agriculture, covering education in school and work.

The general objective of AgriNext is to create a learning environment that responds to the most current demands of the labor market for skills in the field of multifunctional agriculture.

Our role in the project

Proposal writing

PM & development

Quality assurance & evaluation

Administrative & financial management

Project objectives


Make learning environments and study plans more flexible in VET-I and EFC at levels 3-6 of the MEC to facilitate rapid responses to labor market demands;


Training teachers (professional and continuous pedagogical) to respond quickly to the demands of the labor market;


Establish a system of continuous exchange between employers, teachers/trainers/guidance service providers to respond to the required skills;


To train highly qualified, motivated, entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial students who are aware of the importance of EFC and lifelong learning;


Create a physical and virtual environment that allows:

  • Interaction between teachers, trainers, business mentors, students and researchers.
  • Individualization of the learning process;
  • Demonstration and testing of new technologies;
  • Development of business activities.

Promote rural development and vitality by demonstrating and highlighting the opportunities of multifunctional agriculture;


Main results

Training for guidance service providers

Online training for guidance service providers in the use of the new guidance service model;

Training for VET teachers

Online training for VET teachers on flexible learning processes;


Proposals to make VET more flexible;

Green job

Green job = dream job video trailers;

Established incubators

Established incubators (business and education partnership);

IT platform

IT AgriNext platform for rural excellence.

Expected impact

At AgriNext, we want to make a positive impact on the multifunctional triangle of agriculture (representatives of Vocational Training providers, students and VT companies) at local, regional, national and European level. We want to promote the Professional Excellence Centers and allow them to be flexible in the face of current and future market supply and demand. The adaptability of the CoVEs to rapid changes (climate change, digitization, etc.), will be possible with the incorporation of key professional skills and competencies in their current framework and the establishment of a continuous exchange of information between the business and educational sectors. This effect will be achieved through training, workshops, project meetings, evaluation and pilot tests of the incubator, association agreements that support cooperation between companies and education. During the project, mechanisms will be established to continue CoVE operations even after the end of the project and to continue promoting its impacts (preparation of the digitalization of trainings within existing Erasmus+ mobility projects, establishment of the company- education and financial plans, which will allow the future operation of the incubators and the platform, etc.).