Project AG-WaMED

Advancing non conventional water management for innovative climate-resilient water governance in the Mediterranean Area

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AG-WaMED aims to provide innovative, participatory and evidence-based management solutions for water scarcity governance that can be applied at Mediterranean level. Specifically, the project will address the problem of water scarcity by including Non-Conventional Waters (NWA) (wastewater, runoff water collection, desalinated) among the available resources to be included in water governance policies.

The project will achieve the envisaged objectives through a transdisciplinary approach, integrating state-of-the-art soil, water and agronomic modelling to support evidence-based water management in four Living Labs (LLs) located in Mediterranean river basins (including one transboundary case). 

A set of participatory models will allow the co-definition and co-assessment of different water allocation scenarios to improve water governance in each LL, taking into account the decisive impact of NCW use to ensure climate resilient strategies under a climate change vision. 

A flexible but comprehensive socio-economic approach procedure will enable the evaluation of such scenarios and trigger a feedback mechanism to generate an adaptive learning environment in the AG-WaMED LLs. The whole process will inform new water allocation models and produce an innovative framework for improving water governance and reducing conflicts in water stress contexts in the Mediterranean.

Our role in the project

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Project objectives


To offer innovative and evidence-based solutions for participatory water scarcity management, with the potential to expand throughout the Mediterranean region.

Main results

Hydrological modelling

Hydrological modelling of critical areas in the Mediterranean Basin;

Water management technologies

Simulation of the use of non-conventional water management technologies.

Participatory models

Development of participatory models for the co-definition and co-evaluation of different water allocation scenarios.

Innovative framework

Production of an innovative framework to improve water governance and reduce conflicts in water-stressed contexts in the Mediterranean.

Living Labs

Supporting evidence-based water management through four Living Labs.

Estimation of the monetary values

Estimation of the monetary values of the benefits derived from the use of NCW.