Project EUWAY

Efficient Use of Water among Agricultural Youth

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Agriculture creates products from natural resources: soil, water and sun. From this list, water is possibly the factor thatmost affects the agricultural sector is water and its availability. Having sufficient quantity and good quality of water influences the selection of crops, varieties, sanitary conditions, production and profitability of our farms. That is why maintaining the quality of water resources is essential, so in addition to influencing their responsible use, we must alert and raise awareness about the application of cultivation techniques that produce less pollutants and affect rivers and aquifers less.

Recently, climate change has caused notable instability that is affecting the availability and quality of water in many European regions. The lack and difficulty of managing this problem, not only in the agricultural sector, is generating tensions between regions and companies due to the availability, quality and distribution of water. In addition, it must be known that certain products have a remarkably high demand for water and in certain countries, the hydraulic network for agricultural activities is old and leaky.

EUWAY will follow a bottom-up approach. This means that we will learn directly from professionals to spread their knowledge, models and methods in the field of sustainable water management in agriculture, based on 3 elements:

  1. Summary guide.
  2. Case studies.
  3. Training modules.

Our role in the project

PM & development

Quality assurance & evaluation

Project objectives


Raise awareness of the danger posed by water scarcity and pollution;


Provide training to optimize the use and quality of water resources;


Exchange examples related to the most efficient and least polluting agricultural techniques.

Expected impact

The training program will be prepared in collaboration with successful farmers and practitioners in the field of sustainable water management (traditional and innovative), farmers interested in implementing sustainable water management on their farms, VT providers in rural areas and organizations /people with relevant experience in research and practice.